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Freebies for Thrusday April 2nd

I am so excited for April to be here. I love seeing the snow melting, however driving my car down our graveled but mostly dirt drive , my car is in need for a severe wash. I can, for the first time, feel that the earth is finally waking up and soon I will see my flowers again and the blossoms on the apple trees. My dog, Hannah , is severely in need of walking on the dry ground. It will come just like Easter.......


The Graphic Fairy -Victorian Easter Bunny with Egg Image!
                                 Vintage Baby Bonnet Image!
                                  Mason Jar Recipe Card Printable!

The Enchanted Place of Neli -EASTER SCENE_01-04-15 - FREEBIE
                                                FLOWER CARD_01-04-15 - FREEBIE

Bluejeans, Coffee & Friends - "Tu Tu Shy "and "All Better" available by emailing Judy T.

Beary Wishes - Has "Hippity Hop" Rabbit

The Old Design Shop -April by K. Pyle ~ Free Vintage Illustrated Poem

Mein Lila P ark -Free digital floral scrapbooking paper lilac 

Miss Kate Cuttables -  Freebie of the Day! Seashell Set

Wings of Whimsy - 1908-1910 Easter Chicks & Eggs

Antique Images - Free Digital Vintage Beauty Clip Art of Bath Soap Gift Box Set Red and White 

Homework - INKLING: Printable Dear Easter Bunny Cards

Create with TLC - Word Art about Party pants

Ginger's House - Word Art about running late (link fixed)

New Additions
Covered in Glue - Free Bunny Tray with alternate colors w/tutorial
2 Free Birds
Word Art/Sentiments

 Okay , that is what I have found on this beautiful day. Hey, we have temps in the 60's but it is raining. Of course with April we do get showers......
Later~ Josie


  1. FYI, the link for Ginger's House leads us to TLC. :-D

    1. Thank you and the site is fixed. Josie

  2. Boa tarde, querida amiga Josie!
    Muito obrigada por publicar meus links!
    Aqui chove bastante e nossos carros também ficam enlameados, às vezes.
    Hoje está fazendo sol aqui, ainda bem!
    Estou feliz com a chegada da Páscoa que me traz lembranças da infância. É uma festa muito bonita e seu significado é extremamente importante, pois festeja a ressurreição de Jesus.
    Minha amiga, desejo um ótimo fim de semana e uma linda Páscoa, com muitas bençãos divinas para você e sua família!
    Abraços, Neli.

    1. Obrigado e eu quero desejar a você e sua família uma bela Páscoa. É muito significativo para nós também. É uma grande história de amor com tanta fé. Aproveite esta Páscoa com sua família. Abraços calorosos, Josie

  3. Hi Josie, I tried to post a thank you on the most recent thread, but next to where I go to comment, it says no new comments allowed, and it will not post. Just wanted to let you know, so you didn't think people were'nt trying to thank you! :)