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Freebies for Friday November 14th

 Well, yes tomorrow is a Michigan holy day for hunters. They will be firing their guns looking for the above. I think lots of people who live in the state or visiting find they only need a car and they find deer. Since last month, many a hunter have been checking their stand, opening their camps. I myself will always be looking for deer, as they can really damage a car, but to sit in a stand or deer blind is not for me. I have eaten venison and it is very tasty but I rather take pictures of them.
BTW, since we are talking about eating, just wanted to clear up from yesterday that I don't eat owls, I just love looking at them. Thanks for pumpkin butter recipe Snoopy, it is in the comments section from yesterday. Go check it out if you love pumpkin.
Now for the Friday Freebies.
Well, this is the end for me. I will meet with you again next week, take care and be safe. I am going to hide some deer from those pesky hunters, lol ~Josie

  • Whimsy Stamp = Reindeer Cutie  hurry only up 24 hrs so grab quickly, scroll down


  1. Josie, thank you for the link to TlcCreations. And the mention of the Blog Hop. It will be another great one~!

  2. Josie,

    Thanks so very much for posting the Peanuts mural. What a massive undertaking that must've been and it's so cute! Have a great weekend!

    Snoopy :D

  3. Boa noite, cara amiga Josie!
    Muito obrigada por publicar meu link e por sua palavra gentil!
    Nossa cultura não tem temporada de caça, mas tem temporada de pesca.
    Eu não gosto de caçadas, mas meu marido gosta de carne de caça.
    Cara amiga, um lindo final de semana para você e sua família.
    Abraços, Neli.

  4. wow thank you for a super long list again josie ... have a great weekend ... happy crafting and love sandy xx