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Freebies for Thursday, September 11 th

I hope to never witness what I saw, and felt that beautiful day in Sept. 2001. It's silly but I remember thinking how beautiful and clear the morning was, as I drove into work. Later, that day I still was left with how it changed in a minute. I wanted to just go home but as a nurse, you hide your feelings and continue to work but I felt what must have been extreme horror for the passengers in the second plane as I watch it go into the second tower. After work, I went to be with my mom who at the time, was living in a home for Alzheimer's pts. and just wanted to make sure she was safe. My mother sat there unaware of what had happen to America and I am glad she did not have to be scared or frighten any time during that day. It was the only day I was thankful to the dementia that took my Mom away from me, that it protected her from the pain that was felt in every state of America and the world. Many people loss lives, loved ones and still to this day play the last tape they have from them as they said good-bye. I will be one, who never will forget and met many people days, weeks and months later that who lost love ones in the planes, towers and emergency services that performed heroically that September morn 13 years ago......

Okay that is it for me today. It is very cool today, big change in the weather this week-end...enjoy the moments. ~Josie


  1. Boa tarde, minha querida amiga Josie!
    Muito obrigada, novamente!
    Todas pessoas aqui em casa ficaram tristes e consternados com o que aconteceu no 11 de setembro..
    Até hoje não gosto de pensar no sofrimento de todas as famílias que perderam seus entes queridos e no sofrimento de toda a nação americana.
    Querida amiga, um dia muito bonito e feliz para você e todos os seus familiares!
    Grande abraço, Neli.

  2. Hi Josie such a sad day for so many peple ... and I can't believe it was 13 years ago ... I can sympathise with you on the dementia thing too ... Coz i lost my darling mum in april this year to vascular dementia and lost my dear dad 7 years ago to althzimers ... Soooo very sad eh ? X

  3. Oo sorry should have said thank you for the lovely long list of links again ... Happy crafting and love sandy xx

  4. Hi Limited Runs has a freebie up thanks for all you do too :)