Hey Everyone!! Welcome to my free digital stamps site! I have had a few people email me and ask the same questions so I thought it would be easier to put how this site works in one spot. I am Alison owner of freedigitalstamps. I have some amazing ladies who help me post all the freebies.. If you are a DIGITAL STAMP artist and would like us to feature your free digital stamp on this site please**freedigitalstamps@gmail.com ..your DIRECT link to the FREEBIE..

*******PLEASE if you are a digital stamp artist, it is so much easier for your followers to give you credit for your stamps if you place your "site" name after the stamp name.. IE- bird2-stretchnbubbles (this just ensures that you get credit for your work).. HUGS


Freebie Friday for Sept. 5th

Happy Friday and it is Freebie Friday. We are having a rainy day today but sometimes, it nice to wake up to gentle rain and thunder. I am such a geek about rain and thunderstorms, because I love how Mother Nature expresses her true inner self at times.Of course, my dog Hannah does not like the storms so she goes to my husband's side for protection. So I hope you will like all the freebies we have to offer, today.
Okay that is Friday's List. Let me know if you see any mistakes. I will fix it and enjoy. Be back tomorrow.~Josie


  1. Thank you so much Josie for posting all of these! Have a great weekend! :)