Hey Everyone!! Welcome to my free digital stamps site! I have had a few people email me and ask the same questions so I thought it would be easier to put how this site works in one spot. I am Alison owner of freedigitalstamps. I have some amazing ladies who help me post all the freebies.. If you are a DIGITAL STAMP artist and would like us to feature your free digital stamp on this site please**freedigitalstamps@gmail.com ..your DIRECT link to the FREEBIE..

*******PLEASE if you are a digital stamp artist, it is so much easier for your followers to give you credit for your stamps if you place your "site" name after the stamp name.. IE- bird2-stretchnbubbles (this just ensures that you get credit for your work).. HUGS


Happy Freebie Friday July 11th

Okay for those who have had a chance to look up at the night sky lately, you may have notice the Moon. Not only is it almost full, it is soooo bright and I thought you would like to see why. It was really bright last night, like a strong flashlight. So if you can this week-end, you just look up and enjoy the sky. I love the Super Moon.
Now, for the freebies.
Okay, peeps and followers, hope your week-end is wonderful! ~ Josie


  1. Thank you, Josie. Don't know how often I'll be on here yet as I'm now on chemo and it's kicking my butt!!! But, thank you for posting my freebie and all the other things you do too! :)

  2. Thank you so much for these tons of great freebie links, Josie! ♥︎
    ♡ Sandra
    @ Cindy: I'm admiring your strength, Cindy! I hope it will get better soon!!! ☀︎