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*******PLEASE if you are a digital stamp artist, it is so much easier for your followers to give you credit for your stamps if you place your "site" name after the stamp name.. IE- bird2-stretchnbubbles (this just ensures that you get credit for your work).. HUGS


Freebies for Thursday May 23rd.

Happy Thursday everyone. Exciting weekend coming up so we can start the summer. Right now in northern Michigan it is raining but it is a steady rain and we have officially had to cut the grass last weekend. The week-end promises to be a great sunny weekend and holiday. So get ready to get the sunblock on!
Oh, and I almost (no way) forgot tomorrow is my 39th wedding anniversary. Wow! I can honestly say we have the friendship and love I always hoped we would get, after we have weathered many storms in our lives.  I hope those who are starting out realize those words, for better, for worse, in sickness and health think long and hard. Life does change in a minute and what I have found out, it is like the roller coaster as you go up the   hill it is exhilarating, but, at the crest you see what you might face, you realize, it is more frightening and you can't get off at that point. So enough of my thoughts of commitment (pushing the soap box back in the closet.) Now, on to the freebies.

O kay I am off for now and will return later to see if there are any more. Happy Thursday! ~Josie
Okay back for more it is the Mother Lode. Check what else I found.

  • Far Far Hill has Babyish labels
  • The Graphic Fairy has vintage birdcage, very cute.
  • Beccy's Place has a twist on the gate fold card and she has a tutorial here. You know I am a sucker for trying new things and this is the weekend to try this.
  • Lila Grey has a beautiful anemone for you to download, so pretty. So sorry I missed you earlier!
  • The Paper Shelter has a great Mother's day freebie not to be missed. You can always use it anyday cause it is Mom's Day everyday. Grab it quick it is up til Sunday.
  • Now, this is really cool. Thanks to Gopi. we have showcase this persons work before but with graduation day coming up and weddings outdoor, who would love to make their own fan and this person has come up with a way to make cherubs fans. Could be really cute as wedding favors......so go Wings of Whimsy  this is aaaewesome!

Whew! that should keep some of us busy . I will check later if I have missed any~ Josie


  1. Thanks so much, Josie!

  2. p.s. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary Josie. I totally agree with you about the challenges of marriage. I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful day.

  4. wow that certainly is a lovely long list Josie ... thank you so much for sharing with us all ... and happy anniversary to you and your hubby hope you have a great day ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  5. Thanks sooo very much for all these, and I hope, you´ll have a really Happy Anniversary tomorrow. I can celebrate my 40th next December too, so I know exactly what you mean ha ha ha.

  6. Happy Anniversary - thanks for all that you do! :)