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Thursday, April 4th

Wow, it is already April, and it is still cold here. At least 75% of the snow has melted, now the mud puddles in the lane begin. My dog Hannah, is dying for a grand run, however I tell her she has to wait until the snow melts. It is wonderful to see my daffodils, hyacinths popping their head up. It means life goes on and that gives me great comfort. Someone Great is doing things for a reasons, even though you may not know the outcome. Have an early Dr. visit so I will check back later. This should keep you busy.
Now, on for the freebies:

  • MeinLila Park has a great dragonfly and meadow scene. Sorry Sandra, I really love it however as I said I was doing this very early and may not have picked it up on the blogger watch. Thanks for your talent and letting us know as all our artists are so great. So don't be shy to point it out. Hugs to our readers and artists.
  • Ginger's house has word art that I have to believe.
  • Cuddlebug Cuties has sweetheart Ava, who really is a sweetheart.
All for me for now as it has been a long day had to drive to Petoskey and even tho it is cold and the snow is melting Lake Michigan is beautiful. Hate the drive but can't complain no real traffic til you get into Petoskey. 
Hugs ~ Josie


  1. Hi Josie, thank you so much for all these freebie links! Did you not like my dragonfly and flowery meadow? Or got my MeinLilaPark freebie just lost? :( Anyway your blog is great. Love it! ☀

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Josie! Hope you had a good day!
    Big Hug