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Guess what? There are freebies today! February 12, 2013

Hello fellow freebie friends!  Guess what?  Spring is REALLY on the way!  The little groundhog was right!
 Last week we had a yellow crocus in our yard (although my hubby needed to go to the hospital and the ambulance guys ran over it..UGH!) And there is a place near here where we saw a bunch of daffodils blooming!  I couldn't believe it! This is very early for daffodils. I remember last year picking some around April!  We are in Western KY, so no matter where you live.. I promise its on the way!!  

   I saw this cute saying from Winnie the Pooh that was used for a nursery wall, but wouldn't it be sweet on a card?   "As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen."  I LOVE Winnie the Pooh's sayings. you'll probably be hearing more. He was such a wise little bear!  Have a great day and always be creative - even if you can only do it in your heart today!  Hugs! Patti (daizeefli)

Looks like that's about it for now!  Enjoy the freebies and have a super sun-shiney day!  Keep smilin'!

Gopi here with a few more I came across today..

Holiday's @ Mom's Break -  Valentine Crayon Boxes (4)

Rubber Stamping - Four Leaf Clover/Shamrock
The Huntington News - Liberty Bell Stamp

Thanks Patti for all the reminders of SPRING :) Can hardly wait for it!


  1. Great freebies!! Hey Patti, where in W Ky are you? I am from Paducah, we recently moved to Tennessee but my parents still live there. Great job today.