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Freebies for Tuesday, July 10...

Hello Everyone!  I'm BACK!  Thank you all for your sweet thoughts about my hubby.  He is still in a wheelchair and cannot feel his legs, but Drs are sure it will come back soon.  He has Conversion Disorder. Anyone heard of it?  It's pretty rare.  Your body turns stress into real physical symptoms.  A big hug to Josie for covering for me the last few weeks!!!!!!!! ((HUG))  Anyway - on to the goodies:

Far Far Hill has a Flower Frame
Free Vintage Digital Stamps has awesome butterfly wings and a bird head I missed from yesterday
MilkCoffee has an image of Jesus (scroll down)
 Ginger's House has her usual witty and wonderful sentiment and if you missed yesterdays be sure to check it out.... so adorable.   Just what my hubby did when we met!
Digital Two for Tuesday has some vintage flowers
Kadoodle Bug Designs as a baby girl bear
Michelle Perkett has a Christmas tree
Wonderstrange has a Dancing Fool and  girl with a pet fuzzball (I want one!)
Dulemba has a super reader dog
Broken Box Stock has a page of freebies
Dearie Dolls has a pirate pig

I am sure there will be more later (some regulars haven't posted yet) - so I will check back a little before noon.  We have a two drs appts today - I will be back in between!!  Have a super day!!  Hugs..Patti
 Here's a few more:
Little Scraps of Heaven has a Dynomite Dinosaur!!
Create with TLC has a vacation sentiment and a follower freebie for 1890 follower milestone!  Congrats Paulette!!
Graphics Fairy has a cute little fairy
Cruzines has a Snowman - Wow could I use of them right now!!


  1. oh my goodness Patti thank you so much for those lovely links ... and thank you to the posters tooooo ... have never heard of conversion disorder ... but hope hubby is feeling a bit better real soon ... hugs to you for continuing to search these links out for us all ... love sandy xx

  2. Hi, it's Tori from over at Cruzines.
    I have a Free Digital Stamp up at my site today, a day late. oops.. I did email it in, but I guess it got lost along the way.
    It's a Happy Snowman and you'll find it here:http://cruzines.blogspot.com/2012/07/crudoodle-happy-snowman-something-new.html

  3. Thank you for the Congrats ladies~! Appreciate you.

  4. So glad you're back, Patti. Prayers for your hubby's quick recovery.

  5. Patti my thoughts are with you and I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you DH. <3 -Kim

  6. I hope your husband is well soon!