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*******PLEASE if you are a digital stamp artist, it is so much easier for your followers to give you credit for your stamps if you place your "site" name after the stamp name.. IE- bird2-stretchnbubbles (this just ensures that you get credit for your work).. HUGS


Tuesday May 22

Well, don't know where Gopi is so I thought I would start

Sorry about the Anji Antic freebies, told you I was tired. So try it again today
Desert Diva has some sentiments here
When the Scrap hits the Fan has some freebies
Crafting with Jack has a modern flower for you    ( link has been fixed, again)
Digital for Two has some Harley images for you
Boxen Box Stock has freebie here
Oak pond has a 24hr freebie here
Blue Bird Flats has June calendar freebie
Let's try one more time for the Crafting Bella Lockwood site here (link fixed)
Scrap happy paper crafter a several freebie
That should get you started and I will check back later to see if Gopi has posted any more.

Saturated Canary has an ADORABLE little girl with a balloon.. in Celebration of summer.. HERE :) don't forget to read before you download..-hugs Ali
Granny Ma has some Owl Silhouette here
Pink Gem has a freebie (fixed this link also)
TLC has daily freebie
Kadoodle bug has a freebie here
Michelle Perkertt still has Rose if you didn't get her yet.
Tiddly Ink has some permanent feebies here
Dulemba Coloring Page has a Tues. freebie here
I will check back to see if there are more Josie


  1. ScrapHappy Paper Crafter has a duck, Dorothy, and cute toddler girl



  2. Hey something is wrong with crafting with jacks link...it seems to bring me to my own blog dashboard...weird....

  3. Same for me on Crafting with Jack and I can't open Pink Gem.

    Thank you for all you do!

  4. Ty!! Here's the link for anyone who needs it

    The Adventures Of Princess Crafting Bella Lockwood


  5. Thank you all for taking the time to post all of these! I'm sure it is a lot of work, and it is so appreciated! :) Thanks again!

  6. Thank you again for all you do! The Pink Gem link isn't working. Just a heads up!

  7. Crafting with jack link does not work, the correct one should be:


  8. I have some papers, and the 'hidden' freebie is still there...

  9. Thanks so much for posting my first digital stamp and freebie on your blog! I'm already coming up with ideas for more digital stamps :)