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Help if you can.. freebies sat post

I first want to re-thank everyone who helped out with my fundraising event for my dad.. it truly blessed my parents more than you will ever know..

My friend Jodie from Bugaboo is doing a fundraiser to help her son's school raise money for UNICEF... here is what she said
"My son Michael is in grade 6.
This year his class is in charge of raising money for unicef!
So i thought what a perfect opportunity to help raise some money!
: If you donate at least $10.00 to unicef for Michael’s class you will receive 7 free digis!
:Once you have made the online donation all you need to do is email me your choices.
I will verify you made a donation and email you your stamps !"
Michael has type 1 Diabetes. My friend Cammy has a daughter Ainsley, with type 1 Diabetes as well!
Why am I telling you this?
Well, Cammy has a fundraiser going on to raise money in trying to find a cure!
Diabetes is soooo scary! Cammy told me the other day a couple who had a 13 year old daughter with type 1 Diabetes.
When she went to bed her blood sugar levels were fine. They dropped drastically while she was sleeping...
When her parents woke up in the morning she was dead.
Even as I type this it brings me to tears as that could be my son! Or Cammy’s daughter! Or anyone’s child with this terrible disease.
So this fundraising is VERY important to me!
Cammy has lots and lots and lots of prizes to give away ! If you donate, you get a chance to win them!

However if you donate I will kick in some stamps too!
:If you donate at least $10.00 to Cammy’s fundraising for Type 1 Diabetes you will receive 7 more free digis!
:Once you have made the online donation all you need to do is email me your choices.
I will verify you made a donation and email you your stamps !"
I think that is very generous of her to donate so much to help the cause.. so HERE is the link I am hoping that you all will help out if you can!! I know things are tight.. They are tight for us as well.. but I think every little bit helps.. :) I hope you can help them both out.. that's 14 stamps you can get.. and help out 2 fundraisers.. :) HUGS
Diane has some leaves and acorns here


  1. I did this today, what a GREAT cause and fantastic bonus! Thanks Jodie

  2. Thank you so much for posting about this again Alison! I so greatly appreciate it -- as well as Jodie's fabulous perk!

  3. I am so sorry that Cammy has two children with type 1 diabetes. I understand the fenestration. My cousins daughter was diagnosed at age 14 months, and is now 13. I don't think that they have slept more than 2 hours at a time as they get up every night and still test her blood as she is still so fragile.

    They have been raising money for JDF since she was a baby, and my little cousin has even gone to Washington, DC to speak before congressmen and senators for more research money.

    Good luck in your fundraising. I, unfortunately donate to my cousin's walks every year.

  4. Thank you Alison for posting this while we were fundraising thank you!
    The response was fabulous!