Hey Everyone!! Welcome to my free digital stamps site! I have had a few people email me and ask the same questions so I thought it would be easier to put how this site works in one spot. I am Alison owner of freedigitalstamps. I have some amazing ladies who help me post all the freebies.. If you are a DIGITAL STAMP artist and would like us to feature your free digital stamp on this site please**freedigitalstamps@gmail.com ..your DIRECT link to the FREEBIE..

*******PLEASE if you are a digital stamp artist, it is so much easier for your followers to give you credit for your stamps if you place your "site" name after the stamp name.. IE- bird2-stretchnbubbles (this just ensures that you get credit for your work).. HUGS


Thank you so much!!! a new freebie too

I want to take a min to tell you all THANK YOU!!! I have received an overwhelming amount of emails.. Thanking me for this site.. from crafters who have become faithful followers and HUGE paying customers to digital stamp artists like Bugaboo Stamps, Mo's, Phindy's, Sassy Cheryls, Dustin Pike, Mejens, Little Musings, etc.... If I haven't written you back I will.. I just haven't had time to respond to them all.. I want to thank you all who have commented too.. I really appreciate all your support and love.. it truly means a lot to me.. as for now.. I have emailed almost everyone on the lists.. and will continue to add/subtract from the sidebars.. I have been surprised at the overwhelming replies to my email to artist alike.. here are some of their amazing, sweet, uplifting thank you notes.. :)

Hi Alison,
You're doing it right! I'm absolutely fine with you linking to me as you have - and flattered. Thanks for helping to spread the word!
By the way, did you know that I now have a widget you could add to your blog? Just go to my blog and scroll down in the sidebar. The Coloring Page Tuesdays widget has a button at the bottom that walks you through adding it to your site (if you want). Oh, and please let people know that if they send me their creations, I may post it to my blog or feature it in my weekly newsletter!
Thanks so much for your attention to copyright - it means bunches.

Children's Book Author/Illustrator
Elizabeth O. Dulemba

Absolutely. I offer a new image each Friday AND am getting ready to load tonight free Easter Sentiments that will remain up all month. T

Wendy M has left a new comment on your post "*** PLEASE READ!!!":

I have no problem with you posting to Digital Doodling. I want to share my digis for free...
I wanted to share the positive sweet feedback that I have gotten as well.. :) so thanks to everyone!!!
Here is a link to DZ Doodles new free digital stamp and YES she told me to link it.. :)
don't forget.. as always.. use your manners.. say thank you.. and abide by their angel policy!!


  1. Hi Alison! I am so glad that you are overwhelmed at the positive and supportive responses you have been receiving. You should be overwhelmed (as in volume) by responses, as you are doing a great service to site owners and artists by directing people to their sites. Obviously they want the site visitors, as they are offering freebies as incentive, so I hope everyone is appreciative. Just as us 'card artists' are appreciative of everywhere you direct us! WE LOVE YOU!!!
    hugs and blessings!

  2. Hi Alison,

    I have become a Bugaboo Stamps fanatic! It all started with a freebie. I am sure the artist appreciate you. I have purchased many digitals based on the "try before you buy". You are awesome. Here is another link, in case you can use it : http://dorothyscreationss.blogspot.com/2010/03/new-digital-stamps-freebie.html

  3. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave.com in the Printables category today [06 Mar 01:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  4. I am so happy to here the relief in your posting. Now you know you have many people that are backing you and supporting you. Thank you for all you do for everyone- freebie users and image designers and blog- sites you are promoting all over.
    Your the best

  5. Just finished purchasing some stamps from DZ Doodles and wouldn't have found them except for this site. When I started looking for this site. I have joined some of the groups of the artists on PCP and SNR, and have to say haven't been made to feel very welcome. I have also purchased many stamps from them. Thanks for the hard work.

  6. I too am glad to hear your spirits are lifted! You do a good thing....it takes some people longer to see that...and that's ok too! Just keep going forward and loving what you do...the rest will fall to the side :) Thanks again for the intro to Bugaboo!! :)

  7. I hope everyone is appreciative. Just as us 'card artists' are appreciative of everywhere you direct us! WE LOVE YOU!!!
    hugs and blessings!
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